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Welcome to my website and online portfolio, GingerBeardMedia LLC. You will find samples of my recent work including graphic design, tattoo, photography, and my various other collectible art pieces. GingerBeardMedia.com is also your personal printing website!  From business cards to vinyl stickers, do it yourself, or hire me to do it for you, our online print shop can satiate all these needs and much more from our piratey site!

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  • Mike the Person

    Mike the person

    My name is Mike “SpeedRacer” Beard.  I studied at the  Art Instruction Schools as a teenager and  graduated from the Art Institute (Phoenix, AZ) in 2002.   I’ve dabbled in many differnet aspects of freelance design and I have created various  designs to better facilitate marketing for some leading distribution companies.  I now reside in northern Arizona and life doesn’t get any better.  I am very thankful for the blessing that is my family; nothing is more important.

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  • Mike the Tattooist

    Mike the Tattooist

    I was first  introduced to tattooing by S.Slay in 2008. Since then I have worked next to many talented individuals and  I am very fortunate and inspired by the artists currently surrounding me.  I love most styles of tattooing and enjoy creating art pieces in any genre for my clients if they are interested. I’m sure someday I’ll  prefer a specific style to another, but for now, I’m having too much fun with all of it and plan to for some time.

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  • Mike the Painter

    Mike the Painter

    Within the last few years, I have found painting to be a great release for me.  Being able to create whatever I wish without outside influence is a nice outlet from my day to day.  I have studied many styles of oil painting with my collegue and friend M. Geiogamah who has been a great inspiration with his painting and his tattoo art.  I also enjoy doing art fusion with my fellow artists. Its something that takes on a life of its own after so many different hands interpret what they see. I do charcoal as well as pencil and acrylic painting. If you are interested, Please feel free to browse my site. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you are looking for something specific! I look forward to hearing from you!

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